Wildlife trapping Huntington WV

 Snake removal Huntington WVUltra Pest Control is the leader in the area for removing and excluding nuisance wildlife.  We provide service for many wild animals that invade our homes. 

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Ultra Pest Control provides free inspections, and estimates for wildlife removal Huntington WV, and exclusion services.

Trapping and removal vs. Exclusion

licensed squirrel removal Huntington WVThe state of WV is dedicated to protecting their wild animal diversity, and do not allow a wildlife removal company to relocate wild animals. What that means to you the home owner? When Ultra Pest Control visits your home to control your wild animal problem, rather it be raccoon’s, squirrel’s, snakes and any other wildlife. The animals can be removed from your home, and excluded from returning into your home, but cannot be relocated. With that in mind Ultra Pest Control has built a program that is effective and still follows the letter of the law.

 Humane Animal Control Services

Raccoon and squirrel problems can cause a great deal of stress, especially since these animals cause an extensive amount of property damage in most situations. We use humane methods to exclude the animals from your property and then ensure that they cannot return back to your home. Our methods are quick and effective!

Wild animal removal is a  specialized service, and can’t just be trusted to just anyone. So be sure to ask questions, just because a company says they do animal removal doesn’t mean that they are experienced or even licensed to do so.

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