How to get rid of Termites?.To get rid of Termites Ultra Pest Control must first inspect your property.

Termites destroy more homes through out the United States than fires! Don’t be another statistic, protect your home with Ultra Pest Controls Property Protection Program. Using the most effective termite treatment tools, and materials ensures that your home or business will be properly protected.

Ultra Pest Control provides a free inspection, and estimate to eliminate your Termite infestation. A through inspection of your property ensures that all entry points are identified, and noted for proper treatment. Through continued education and training you can feel confident knowing that your property is protected.

PEST CONTROLTermites live in colonies.

Our team will prevent termites from entering your home by performing a through complete treatment with the least impact on the environment.

Ultra Pest Control will also come periodically to monitor your home and help prevent a Re-infestation of TERMITES.


Renewable Warranty AvailableWe accept all credit and debit cards!