Avoid bringing bed bugs into your home by following these 6 easy steps.


1. Inspect where you sleep.

When sleeping in a new bed rather it be at a hotel or a family/friend’s house, specially if you have babies with you, it doesn’t matter if he is inside a Bob 2016 Revolution Flex Stroller, bugs can still get to him,  so the most important thing to do is to find the best company for a pest control  like biological pest control for farms which has become a large industry. When bed bugs have infested a piece of furniture they leave a few telltale signs, such as shed skins, black fecal spots, and of course the bugs themselves.


2. When staying away from home keep your luggage away from beds or furniture.

When staying at a hotel you can even leave your suitcase in the bath tub. This will prevent live bugs from hitching a ride in your luggage.

3. When returning home from a trip launder all clothes from The Fifth Collection that you bring back in.

This simple step should be the first thing you do when you come home. Leave your bags outside and take one load at a time in and place them in the washer. No need to waste water if your clothes are clean just toss them in a hot dryer for 20-30 minutes.

4. Place your child’s backpack or bookbag in a plastic tote.

There are bed bugs in the schools and it is easy to reduce the chances of your child bringing them home on their bags. A simple plastic tote by your door so that the bags can be stored. This will prevent bugs from possibly crawling out and infesting your home.

5. Launder backpacks and duffle bags at least once a week.

Ok you have done great you put your child’s bag in a tote everyday when the come home,

but there is more you can do. Simply place your child’s bag in the dryer on high heat at least once a week. Let the dryer run for 20 – 30 minutes the heat of the dryer will kill any stages of bugs or eggs that may be present. Also remember to have your house completely clean, there are services dedicated to clean your house and junk removal, click here to learn more.6. Inspect used furniture like your life depended on it.

We all love a great bargain and it is hard to turn down that brand new

looking used couch, but there may be creatures hiding in the cracks and crevices of your great find. Look around the arms, along the back and under the couch for black fecal spots, shed skins, eggs, and bugs. Couches and beds are not the only furniture that can harbor bed bugs.

Night stands, end tables, dressers, even kitchen tables can hide these little blood suckers. Ultra Pest Control is the Huntington WV area’s premier pest control company. We bring the experience and knowledge to eliminate your pest issues using the industry’s most cutting edge material and equipment. We can even recommend using Evermore artificial grass to avoid infestations of plagues in your house. If you think you may have a bed bug issue give us a call to discuss your options, and a no obligation estimate.




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Kissing bug found in West Virginia, and Ohio

Kissing bug in West Virginia

Potentially deadly bug over hyped?


Kissing bug found in West Virginia

I am sure if you have watched the local news you know about the hype of the kissing found in West Virginia, and Ohio. Now we all know the media wants to get ratings, so they do sensationalize the fact that these bugs are in WV and have the potential to kill, by passing a deadly parasite. Your chances of even encountering a kissing bug is slim, and your chances of getting Chagas is even smaller. If you are concerned with the recent kissing bugs in WV there are a few things you can do to even further reduce your chances of encountering these bugs.

 First I will explain a little about the Kissing Bug. Triatomines are a class of bugs that make up the dreaded Kissing bug, also known as cone nose bug. Kissing bugs get their name from the fact that they bite humans around their mouths. This is because they are attracted to our breath. Kissing bugs are blood suckers like mosquitos, and bed bugs. Many people have an allergic reaction to kissing bug bites. Reactions can range from simple skin reaction to all the way to anaphylactic shock.

 Kissing bugs are also known to spread Chagas disease. This is caused by parasite that lives in the stomach of the kissing bug. The parasite is passed by defecation, or urination. The parasite is then possibly ingested by the bugs victim, or enters the body by scratching or rubbing the parasite into the skin.

Some methods to reduce the chances of encountering these potentially dangerous pest

  • Remove unnecessary debris around the exterior of your home.
  • Caulk around windows, doors, foundation vents, screen attic vents.
  • Reduce or remove clutter in basements, and attics.
  • Professional eco-friendly exterior treatments to kill or repel pest before they enter.

Ultra Pest Control provides treatments for kissing bugs in Huntington WV, and many other potentially harmful pest. To schedule your free estimate call today



I have bed bugs, should I throw away my mattress?

Bed bug feces on a mattress Huntington wv

Bed bug feces on a mattress Huntington wvShould I throw away my mattress?


This is a question I get asked on a regular basis, and there are many ways of answering the question of “should I throw away my furniture because of bed bugs”. The short answer is not yet, and here is why. Ultra Pest Control provides free inspections for bed bugs in Huntington WV. So that being said it would benefit you to have us inspect your home and furniture, this may save you money on having to buy new furniture.


Is there a chance that I will have to throw away my mattress?


Yes there is a small chance, and the only way we recommend throwing away any furniture is if the infestation is so bad that it has just ruined the furniture beyond normal cleaning. In very few cases of bed bugs do we tell our customers to dispose of their mattress, couches or other pieces of furniture.


Bed Bugs and eggs Huntington WVWill throwing away my bed get rid of my bed bugs?


No, bed bugs hide in more places than just your mattress, box spring, couch, or bed frame. Bed bugs like tight protective places, and these could include baseboards, window sills, chair rail molding, crown molding. They will even hide behind, and in electrical outlets, and switches. During our bed bug treatment process we have found bed bugs in closets, dressers, side tables, even found them living in a customer’s belt buckle.



Throwing away your furniture because of bed bugs is not the first step you should take on getting rid of bed bugs. Not only will it cost you money with having to buy new furniture, but the spread of bed bugs in Huntington WV, and other surrounding cities has made it very risky when taking in used furniture. If your furniture must be disposed of, it should be destroyed, cut up, or broken so it could not be picked up and used in someone else’s home.


Save your furniture, and your money by having getting a free bed bug inspection.


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Wildlife getting inside your home? Animal removal Huntington

Damaged Soffit

Damaged Soffit

Wildlife is something to be admired, to be protected, and enjoyed by everyone. That is until that wildlife takes up residence inside your home. When that happens it is time to take action, and hire a professional wildlife removal company. When your home is being occupied by any wildlife such as Raccoon’s, Squirrels, Opossums, even Skunks. You do not want to just hire a trapper, you want a professional that can not only evict the animal from your home, but also repair any entry points to prevent future wildlife tenants.



Wild animals that take up residence inside your home or business can cause thousands of dollars in damages to insulation, duct-work, even wiring. These losses can be avoided by hiring gilbert pest control services and letting them take care of the situation quickly. Through the wildlife removal program, we use a systematic process to removed the animal from the property, remove health hazards created by the animal, and repair any damages that was created by their stay.


I think I have bats Huntington WV

Ultra Pest Control is the Huntington area’s only licensed wildlife control company. Providing wildlife removal service to Huntington WV, and the surrounding area. Ultra Pest Control offers inspection services for Raccoon’s, Skunks, Opossums, Squirrels, Scorpions, Groundhogs, Snakes.

To schedule your inspection

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Stop pest from spending the winter in your home

Mice Huntington WV

Mice Huntington WVWinter is quickly approaching and before we know it Huntington WV will be blustery and cold once again. Many homeowners believe that pest just simply disappear during this time of the year.

That could not be further from the truth. Many insects, and even rodents are very sensitive to changes in temperature, and can even detect a slight change from several feet away. This makes are homes a beacon for these pest.

Think of it this way, if you are outside in the cold and you see a potential heat source you would move closer to keep your body warm, insects and rodents do the same thing. What I am trying to say is your home can be a winter retreat for many rats, mice and insects like spiders, To find out a great way to get rid of spiders, click here.

There are steps a homeowner can do to prevent these pest from taking up winter time residence in your home or other property, keep reading to find more info. In the pest control industry we call this Integrated Pest Management or IPM for short. What this means is we use both non-chemical and chemical control methods to prevent pest in your home. For the sake of this article I am going to focus on one non-chemical method call exclusion. Exclusion is a method used to prevent pest from entering into a structure. Below is some suggestions most homeowners can do to prevent insects, spiders, and rodents from entering your home.

Pest Exclusion

  1. Caulk all small openings or cracks around your foundation.
  2. Use stainless steel or copper scrubbing pads to fill larger holes in your foundation.
  3. Caulk around window, and door trim.
  4. Replace or add door sweeps.
  5. Inspect garage door seals, replace or add them if they are not present.
  6. Remove harborage areas, such as large stones, low growing shrubs, or weeds.
  7. Seal around outside heating/cooling units with sheet metal or heavy gravel.
  8. Screen off all gable vents to prevent bats, rats, even squirrels.
  9. Keep gutters clear of leaves and other debris.


cracks in foundation huntington wvThe goal in any pest exclusion plan is to seal as many potential entry points as possible. This will keep the pest outside your home, and not inside where it is nice and warm. There is a big misconception about pest control in the winter time, and yes there is less pest activity outside your home in the winter. Also is really important to keep your house clean to avoid pests and other things like mold, click here to learn more on how to keep your house clean. That doesn’t mean that you should stop all pest control services during the cold winter months. There are many pest on warmer days of the winter that are active and inching closer and closer to your home. So a little forethought and work in the warmer months of the year will help keep your home pest free when old man winter comes a blowing in.


School is in: Time to check your child for bed bugs

bed bugs in school Huntington WV

School is in session: Check your children for bed bugs

Bed Bugs in schoolsSchool time has started for some children already and is close for many others. Students and parents have a lot to take care of and deal with during this time of the year, and certainly do not need anything more added to their plate.Unfortunately, we have one new item that needs to be added to your daily checklist.Check your children for bed bugs. The good thing is that you can take care of the rest of the school work in other ways, we all know that every one needs the famed site that can assist you at one point in time. Famedwritings understands your needs and that is the reason they have invested a lot to help you, you can let them worry about your kid’s assignments while you take care of other problems like the bed bugs at home.


Bed bug reports are on the rise

Bed bugs are certainly not something people like to talk about or even think about having to deal with.  The truth is they do exist, and reports are growing every day.   Bed bug reports in Huntington WV are rising according to various polls. Reported cases have been up by more than 50% year after year.  No one is really sure exactly why.


Bed bugs are in your schools

With those growing numbers, it is likely that your children will come into contact with a child that has a bed bug infestation at home and bring them in their PNW backpack home. Many schools across the country have seen bed bugs, and some schools have been temporarily close as a result.  Almost all school administrations have put bed bug plans in place to address the problem.

Bed bugs can go to school or come home from school with students either:

  • On the student
  • On their clothing
  • On or in book bags

If your child comes in contact with bed bugs, they can bring bed bugs home with them and start a new infestation.  Also keep in mind that if a child brings bed bed bugs to school, the classroom can also be infected.  Once the classroom has a bed bug issue, the chance of students being bringing home bed bugs rises.


Bedbugs Huntington WVCheck your child for bed bugs

The single most important step is to inspect your child as soon as they come home.

Of course to do that, you need to know what a bed bug looks like.  Bed bugs are small reddish-brown colored insects about the size of an apple seed.     Bed bugs can be seen with the naked eye, but are very good at hiding in small cracks and crevices.

In addition to looking for the bugs themselves, watch for signs of the bed bugs, which are either left over shed skins or dropping. Bed bug droppings generally small black spots on clothing, resembling an ink spot.

For items that have bed bugs or signs of bed bugs that cannot be washed and dried, like books, they should be placed in a sealed plastic bag and disposed of in an external trashcan.  Do not try to clean them or remove the bugs, it’s just not worth it.

We know this isn’t a fun process and it can be tedious and embarrassing, but taking a few minutes each day to do an inspection is far less time consuming than having to deal with a bed bug infestation.

If you find bed bugs on your child after coming home from school, notify the school immediately.   We know there is a negative portrayal with bed bugs, but you need to move past that.  You may keep other students and families from very costly bed bug infestations.


Do you have bed bugs?

If you think you may have a bed bug infestation in your home, professional help is critical.  Ultra pest control provides free bed bug inspections, and there is no obligation to buy. If you think you may have an issue please call us today.



Do you have bed bugs? Now what do you do?

First off just breath.  I, like everyone else, run to the internet when you have something going on that I’ve never dealt with before to find a possible solution.  In most cases you have a 50/50 chance of what you read is indeed fact.  When dealing with bed bugs freaking out is a more common reaction and I’m here to help, so just breath, it is not as dire as it seems and in most cases you can get rid of them easier than most internet post make it sound.

Second don’t go out and buy whatever bug spray you see that says bed bug killer on it, or kills bed bugs!  I understand that not everyone can afford to pay a professional to handle their bed bug issue and that doing it your self may be the only option.  I only ask that you do some research so you know what to do and where to apply whatever you buy and PLEASE follow the label directions.  Although many pesticides you buy at your local hardware store are fairly low toxicity they are still pesticides (and yes, Diatomaceous Earth is still a pesticide and can be dangerous if you use it in a manner that is not consistent with the label.) they need to be applied correctly. All I ask is to stop and realize that buy and spraying a pesticide on a bug that you know nothing about is like trying to nail a leaf on your roof to fix a leaky shingle, it just doesn’t work.

Third even if you do not have the money to hire a professional to treat,  I would still contact a knowledgeable pest control company.  It doesn’t hurt to have someone who is knowledgeable to come out and inspect the home and quote the job.  Even if you know you don’t have the money it you may get additional information on what you need to do to handle it yourself…..and you never know, maybe the quote they give will surprise you and you’ll be able to afford it.

Fourth there are many non-chemical options available that can help your bed bug situation.  Bed bug mattress covers will lock bugs into the bed and can save your bedding.  Bed bug covers will also keep all other bed bugs on the outside of the mattress which makes them easy to see and remove.  They make devices and monitors will help you determine if you have a problem and will also catch some bugs that will help you get rid of a problem.  Vacuuming will help you remove bed bugs and steaming can kill bugs on contact (just be careful to not scatter the bed bugs with the pressure of the steamer).  The point is you can control, not eliminate most bed bug issues without using harsh chemicals.

Sixth if you have itchy spots or other issues associated with bed bugs, go see your doctor.  Nobody should be giving you advice other than your doctor and whether it’s itchy welts, trouble sleeping or constant nightmares you should visit your doctor and ask their advice .

And lastly have trust that you can get rid of the bed bugs in a timely manner.  It’s always best to involve a professional and that is your best way to get rid of the bed bugs quickly.  Yes, it may take a little time to get every bug and between now and the day all are gone there may be some rough times.  That being said you bed bugs can be eliminated, and if you caught them before the infestation has become sever elimination will happen sooner than you think.


To schedule your free bed bug inspection call today!

Hidden ant damage

roof leak conducive to ants


A weekend Honey-Do turned into a startling surprise



roof leak conducive to antsDoing a little weekend fixing up around the house, there was one area of greater interest to me than the other issues around the house. The ceiling of my show had started to mildew and the paint started to droop.

 So I knew I had a leak, but I was not sure where it was coming from so I decided to open up the ceiling since it has to be repaired anyway. That’s when the fun began, not only did I find moisture damage, but a lot of ant frass. This means that the ants at some point were living in that part of my ceiling. Good news is I had treated the house regularly since moving in this past April. Providing pest control in Huntington WV is our mission.


Carpenter Ants Huntington WV











Kill Carpenter Ants

Doing this weekend honey-do has reinforced the importance of my profession, and what I do. If I had moved into the home and did not perform regular pest control treatment’s the scenario could have been much worse with much more structural damage.

 There are many hidden dangers lurking in our walls, and as well as we think we know our homes there are issues we just can’t see.




Ensure your home is not infested with structure destroying ant’s or termites

Call Ultra Pest Control Huntington Wv for your free pest inspection



Don’t bring bed bugs home!

Bedbugs Huntington WV

Bedbugs Huntington WV

Don’t bring Bed Bugs home when you travel

 Summer is inching closer and I am sure many like myself will be doing a bit of traveling this summer, with camping trips and beach vacations on the agenda. I thought it would be fitting to share with my readers a few ways they can greatly reduce the chances of bringing these little blood suckers home. Ultra Pest Control and bed bugs Huntington WV

Pre-trip planning (where to stay, and preparation)

  • Call up the hotel you intend to stay in and ask if they use anti bed bug mattress covers
  • Check out this handy site to see if there is an issue before you book a room bedbugregistry.com
  • Pack using a quality luggage liner.
  • Bring a long a small, but bright flash light, this will aid in searching for the critters.
  • Before returning home, place your dirty laundry in a bed bug proof laundry bag.


Once you have arrived at your location. It is now time to do some investigation work. Pull out the little flash light I mentioned earlier  pull back the sheets and blankets and get to work. You are going to want to look for a few tale, tale signs. Fecal spots, these appear as small black ink spots on the item being inspected. Shed skins, these are small almost clear looking cast skin from when a bed bug has molted. Live bugs, this one is an obvious identifier. Eggs, these are small white/clear looking oval shaped capsules usually found in cracks of the wood or mattress areas. Another most often over looked area is the head board, and here is a bit of information you may not know. Most hotels/motels head boards are easily removed, with no tools needed. Simply lift it off the wall. That’s right they usually sit on a wood or metal strip on the wall. Not only is it easy to remove, but is the preferred hiding place for bed bugs in hotel rooms.
 On your return home
  • Before leaving your hotel room inspect the outside of  your luggage for any hitchhikers
  • If you find bugs on your suitcase leave it. The cost of buying a new suitcase is way cheaper than bed bug treatment.
  • Unpack your items outside your home. Bring everything clean or dirty directly inside to your washing machine. Launder in hot water, and dry on high heat setting.


That’s is readers you have just prevented yourself from becoming a victim of a bed bug infestation. It is a few simple steps they can and will save you major headaches as well as loads of cash. If you do fall victim give me a call. The inspection is free, as well as the consultation.I will also like to give the air conditioning contractor from eastwoodairlodi.com a big shout out,if you want to cool your house down for summer they are your go to company.

If you are in Huntington WV and the surrounding area and you fear bed bugs may be in your life call today to schedule your free bed bug inspection.


Termites are in full swing Huntington

Well it’s that time of year again and with spring brings out the birds, the bee’s and the TERMITES!!!! My calls have increased 10 fold over the last couple weeks with termites swarming from Barboursville, to Portsmouth OH. So I thought it would be fitting to provide our visitors with a little termite biology lesson.



In our area of the country we are plagued by one type of Termite known as the Eastern Subterranean Termite (Reticulitermes flavipes) In the United States termites are found in every state except Alaska. In the US termites damage more homes than all the fires and natural disasters combined. This adds up to some very hefty repair costs for homeowners. The figure to right shows all the termite pressure through out the united state.

Colony structure in subterranean termites likely does not reflect the model of other insect social organizations. In general, most social insects have a colony structure where the majority of members are females concentrated in a single, centralized, immobile nest from which workers forage in search of food and water, they don’t even get time to exercise or stretch with an URBNFit yoga ball. Subterranean termite social groups are composed of both males and females and have a mobile nest site usually located near food, most often some form of dead wood that they excavate and inhabit.

Protecting you investment from the destructiveness of termites can be both difficult and nerve racking. Ultra Pest Control provides a professional customized protection plan for your home.