Bed bug treatment Huntington WV

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Our specialized process exterminates bed bugs now, so you can sleep better.

What’s First?

Right now, it doesn’t really matter how you got bed bugs. It doesn’t matter how they feed or how their scientific name is spelled. What truly matters is how we are going to get rid of these blood sucking, sleep invaders for good.

Ultra Pest Control has the specialized solution to cure even the worst bed bug infestations in Huntington, Charleston, Point Pleasant, Ironton, Logan, Williamson WV.

Free Bed Bug Inspection

Your technician will look over all the suspected bed bug problem areas. They will also look in other common bed bug areas that might not have caught your attention.

They will use this information to create a plan of attack and to simply ensure that there is actually a bed bug infestation. We do this because sometimes suspected bed bug issues are in fact something much less complicated.


Then What?

The Bed Bug Eradication Plan

The technician will explain the process that will solve your bed bug problem.

There will be things that you can and should do to ensure the best bed bug treatment.
Things like:

  • Vacuuming
  • Laundry
  • De-cluttering


They will also explain what Ultra Pest Control will do.
Things like:

  • Find bed bugs
  • Kill bed bugs
  • Show no remorse for dead bed bugs
  • Seek out the bed bug’s family
  • Eliminate the bed bug’s family, ensuring no witnesses or survivors.


What About Follow Up?

When we promise a quality effective service, we deliver. Your technician will return in 3-5 days to re-inspect the treated areas to ensure nothing was missed. Another inspection will occur in 30 days.

And It’s Guaranteed!

All of our services are covered with our ” If they Return, We Return” guarantee and bed bugs are no exception. Ultra Pest Control offers a 60 day renewable warranty for bed bugs. This is twice as long as our national competitors. Why you ask? Mostly because we like making them look bad and we want to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Renewable Warranty?

Ultra Pest Control is revolutionizing the bed bug extermination business. You can choose to extend your warranty for 4 additional months after the original 60 days. We will then perform a preventative or maintenance treatment to keep bed bugs away for good. This allows you to invite friends and family over without the risk of re-infesting your home.

How Much Will This Cost?

You are probably thinking that this sounds great, but expensive! Ultra Pest Control has systemized the process to help keep costs as low as possible. Each home is different, but we’ve found that bed bug treatments will range from $125-$175 per room.

Lets Get Started!

Alright, enough reading! Now is the time to get started. Grab your phone and call our office at 304-521-1174. Our knowledgeable staff will set a specific appointment for your FREE Bed Bug Inspection. Or if you prefer, we will call you; Just use the form below.