• Ultra Pest Control now offers Mosquito Control services

    The tri-state areas number one choice for pest control, is now the number one choice for mosquito control in Huntington WV and surrounding area.

  • Are mosquitoes ruining your outdoor fun? If you or your children can’t go and enjoy the great outdoors for fear of mosquitoes biting and spreading disease Ultra Pest Control can help.

    Using proven techniques and low impact materials Ultra Pest Control can control the mosquitoes in your yard all summer. Allowing you to enjoy the outdoors with out the fear of mosquitoes stealing your sanity.

  • Weddings, Graduation, Family Reunions all Outdoor events

  • Are you planning an outdoor party, wedding, graduation, or family reunion? Ultra Pest Control can help make you and your guest outdoor experience more enjoyable. Don’t let biting mosquitoes ruin your special day!

    We will come out 24-48 hours before your guests arrival and apply a protective barrier treatment that will protect you and your guest from biting mosquitoes.

    • Greatly reduces mosquito populations that might use your guest as their own blood bank
    • Leaves no lasting odor or residue
    • Protects throughout the day and night
  • Call today to schedule your initial mosquito control consultation