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    Tri-State areas number one choice for Mosquito control

    Protect your family and pets from the dangers of mosquitoes and their bites. Enjoy your back yard again with Ultra Pest Control professional mosquito control services.

    Pest Control Huntington WV

    The best pest control for even your toughest pest problems

    Ultra Pest Control takes great pride in ourselves for being Huntington best exterminator. When you are faced with an insect problem call the professionals at Ultra Pest Control.

    kid and pet friendly pest control Huntington WV

    We offer eco-friendly, and pet friendly pest control services

    By using eco-friendly pest control products and application methods, we provide quick effective control that is both low impact, and healthier for the environment.

  • Ultra Pest Control Huntington WV prides it's self on the fact that we are locally owned and operated. We are a full service pest control company, providing extermination services to Huntington WV and the surrounding tri-state area. Ultra Pest Control is your hassle free exterminator in Huntington WV. No long term contracts, and no lengthy sales pitches. We believe our customers deserve the best experience possible when choosing a professional exterminator. Our founder Greg Stephens has been providing pest control services to Huntington, WV and the surrounding areas since 1998.


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  • 24 hour emergency pest control Huntington WV

    We offer the area's fastest turnaround for emergency pest control service which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days week. Ultra Pest Control Huntington WV has highly trained staff that can help you with all of your pest control needs including insect extermination for bed bugs, roaches, Ultra Pest Control also offers wild life removal service, and rodent (rats, mice)removal or extermination. If you are in need of a professional exterminator in Huntington WV don't wait call today. Ultra Pest Control Huntington WV also offers pest control in Barboursville WV, Milton WV, Point Pleasant WV, Gallipolis OH, Ironton OH, Kenova WV. We are your full service, professional Exterminator.

  • Areas of expertise

  • Bed bugs infest homes, and businesses feeding off the blood of humans. They are true hitchikers, and enter our homes by being carried on clothing or other personal items. 

  • There are hundreds of species of cockroaches in the united states, and only a few dozen roach species in Huntington WV. Only a few of those that infest our homes. Call today for Pest Control Huntington WV.

  • Termites damage more homes in Huntington WV than all the natural disasters combined. Contact Ultra Pest Control for a free termite inspection

  • A pair of mice can produce upto 40 babies per year. Multiply that by the fact the babies will be producing their own litters just a few weeks from birth. This totals to about 139 new mice from one pair, that is in 12 short months. 

  • The only rat species encountered in Huntington WV is the Norway rat. A large hefty species that lives in burrows, and even sewer systems. They enter our homes through holes in foundations, or even burrowing under our homes foundations to gain entry. 

  • The marmorated stink bug is an invasive species from asia. These illegal aliens do not spread disease or bite, but are a major pest to home owners. They come into our homes by the 1000's and spend the winter hidden in attics, crawlspaces, and behind siding. 

  • Raccoon's can do severe damage to structures, destroying insulation, even structural members. They are also a vector of disease such as rabies, and a host of dangerous parasites. 

  • Cute and happy squirrels, that is until they build their nest inside your home. Squirrels will chew on the wood structure of your home, as well as wiring creating a very real fire hazard. Squirrel removal is very import to protect your home and family.